5 ways to make meetings more productive and efficient

5 ways to make meetings more productive and efficient

Companies often hold meetings. However, sometimes meetings are not so productive and only consume energy and time that should be allocated to other more urgent work. The duration of the meeting is also varied, some are only one hour, and some are all day.

Here are 5 ways to make office meetings more productive and run optimally.

Determine the topic to be discussed

it would be best if you determined what to address during the activity. Give a specific title when you invite meeting participants, so the meeting participants can also prepare themselves with the material to be discussed. Determining the object to be addressed also helps you limit questions and discussion so that it won’t expand to another unrelated topic.

Change the new atmosphere

Meeting in an office is sometimes a boring routine. For large meetings like the middle or end of the year, you can choose locations outside the office to refresh the mind and increase team spirit. You can rent a Meeting Rooms Saigon Hotel. Although meeting outside costs quite a lot, as long as the price is still reasonable, then why not? Meetings outside the office will be fun and brought fresh ideas for the participants.

Use Slide Presentations

After determining the object to be discussed, you also need to prepare the material to be delivered. Prepare several presentation slides that contain the main points of ideas, or problem findings that you will bring to the discussion table is essential.

Invite specific people

Inviting too many people can make the meeting becomes unproductive. Too many people make too many opinions and desires that must be heard and accommodated. At the same time, time continues to run, and the first solution sought has not yet been found. Only invite people who are related to the topic that you will discuss.

Efficient meeting duration

Determining the length of a meeting is sometimes difficult if the culture in your office used to lack discipline. As an organizer, you have the right to determine the time and share the duration of each agenda. The participants must obey and respect the rundown that you have arranged.

These five methods are only a small part of many tricks to create a productive meeting. In the age of digital and fast-changing information, meetings should be fast, efficient, and not delay the main work. Either as a leader or a team member, you have to take part so that meetings run optimally. Start from simple things like not arriving late and setting aside gadgets during the meeting.

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