Enjoy 1000 Pagoda from over the air Old Town Bagan, Myanmar tourism

Enjoy 1000 Pagoda from over the air Old Town Bagan, Myanmar tourism

Confused with a vacation destination, because your holiday destination is too old school and monotonous? Maybe look for other alternatives you can do in advance of the day before you make a vacation, via the Internet or travel guides in magazines and televisions. From the many tourism options that you can choose, then one of the alternatives that are usually interesting to visit and explore is Myanmar.

Burma can be an alternative. By visiting Myanmar you will be served by a lot of Hotel Myanmar accommodation, ranging from 1 to 5 star, there are many beaches, and Buddhist pagoda temples that totaled tens of thousands. The area that has many of these pagoda sites is named Baga. This Bagan area is an old town located in Myanmar. This chart itself becomes the main attractions and destinations of tourists who are visiting Myanmar.

Historically written, the city of Bagan had begun in the wake of the 13th century AD and became the origin of the Burmese tribe which is now largely inhabit of Myanmar. Until now, the old buildings are still standing and become the flagship tourism dish of the country of Myanmar. You will be treated to a variety of different delicacies of past Hindu kingdoms with lots of pagodas scattered from the roadside. In some parts of the pagoda you can also find a reclining Buddha statue that is quite well known by a lot of people.

It may not be a big-name when compared to Angkor Wat which has been globally exposed thanks to the building of the old temple as the location of the shooting of the Tomb Rider movie played by world famous actress Angelina Jolie, But the uniqueness of Bagan will not lose from Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Along traces of past charts

With a visit to this beautiful exotic place you will find a wide variety of pagodas and relics of the Burmese work. The pagoda is spread over a wide area, where we can witness the natural and exotic beauty of the pagoda by climbing the flying balloons available there. By climbing a lot of flying balloons available there you will see a beautiful and interesting view presented in front of all of you view. From some of the Buddhist pagodas you will find many Buddhist statues where some of them are sleeping Buddha statues with a lateral position as is generally a lay Buddha statue. The Pagoda here has its uniqueness and name of each, as well as some of the Pagoa names such as Shwezigon Paya, Thagya Pone, Htilominlo Pahto, Upali Thien and many other pagoda names in accordance with the provisions also the history of Accompanying. For those of you photography enthusiast is probably the most appropriate thing is to bring your equipment, if possible bring your best photo equipment because, the conditions around the old Town Bagan is very beautiful and seductive to be enshrined in the lens Camera. Moreover, the sunrise that you can get there, is very amazing.

Interested in enjoying the charm offered by Bagan? Don’t forget to invite your friends and family on holiday in Bagan

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