My Experience While vacationing on Premier village Danang resort.

My Experience While vacationing on Premier village Danang resort.

Looking for a vacation away from the crowds and full of tranquility try the best hotel in Danang, Premier Village Danang Resort. Premier Village Danang Resort is the best choice if you come to Danang, Vietnam. Bored and stressed congestion in the capital city, made me want to find a vacation spot with a quiet and calm atmosphere. I’m not wrong choosing Premier Village Danang to be the best staycation place in Mountain, the calm Balinese atmosphere of Premier Village Danang can be felt here. Find comfort with a calm atmosphere, cool air, mountain views with green trees. To make a reservation, you can do the direct booking on the website, because there are attractive offers in the form of room price discounts.

Lobby Danang Premier Village – Check-In

The check-in the lobby at Danang Premier Village looks very elegant with a combination of wood furniture and walls with stones, although this building looks old it is very cared for and still maintained. Unique in this lobby there is a chimney with its walls made of stones, looks in harmony with the style of the house in the mountains.

I was warmly welcomed by the receptionist staff who helped me to check-in and hand over my room key, and I was escorted directly to the room. The hotel lobby with the room I stayed in did not become one, had to walk first because the resort was spacious so it was divided into several building complexes.

Grand View Villa Room

The room I stayed in was the Grand View Villa type with a private pool in it when I entered it. I was amazed because the room was spacious with glass windows that could see directly out complete with broken white curtains.

This room has a king-size bed, sofa, LED TV, Coffee Machine, water heater for making coffee or tea, Mini Fridge, wardrobe, deposit locker, CD Player equipped with Bluetooth Speaker. Guests staying overnight get towels for bathing and towels for the pool, 2 pairs of slippers, and 2 pairs of kimono.

Part of the bathroom there is a large bathtub, which is equipped with a direct shower. So, for this room between the bathtub and shower become one, when soaking or bathing directly in the bathtub. Also equipped with soap, shampoo, hairdryer, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Seeing the table inside Danang’s Premier Village room provides complimentary to his guests, in the form of a mini cactus plant that has been prepared on the table and maybe taken home, another thing is that this room does not have air conditioning but it is quiet it won’t feel too hot because the air here very cool. The fragrance of the room has a very nice fragrance, made directly by the owner of Danang’s Premier Village.

Private Pool

The room section that has been discussed now continues towards the private pool at the back, there are two private pools, an adult pool, and a children’s pool. The pool water is warm so even though the cold air at the top can still be fun soaking in the pool, it is proven that Premier Village Danang understands the needs of its guests.

In addition to the swimming pool, there is a gazebo for lounging, 2 sunbeds and chairs, and a table to sit near the pool. The calm atmosphere was increasingly felt when the afternoon was quiet and peaceful, plus the view of the green trees from the swimming pool I felt a comfortable atmosphere.

Breakfast on a Dining Room- Premier Village Danang

For guests who stay overnight can order food that can be delivered to the room, if lazy to go to the restaurant. For breakfast, I ordered in the dining room with Indonesian and American menus, choosing the menu can see the catalog provided.

Danang Premier Village facilities

Premier Village Spa

Premier Spa offers body treatments ranging from various types of massages. In addition to massages, Premier Spa also offers other body treatments such as Facial Treatment and Bath Ritual.

I tried Facial Treatment with a duration of 60 minutes, facial treatment starts with cleansing the face area, Face Massage, removing blackheads, giving anti-aging, facial skin lightening and so forth.

Premier Spa has 3 types of rooms when the facial treatment I get a room whose view is facing directly into the valley with mountain views. The more comfortable it feels to be in the Premier Spa cool air into the room while feeling the facial treatment.

Danang Premier Village is perfect for a family vacation, especially for children, Kids Club facilities are provided with toys, storybooks, and video games. Right next to the kids club is a playroom that provides table tennis and table football.

Lemongrass restaurant

Lemongrass restaurant is the main place to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food served here is Vietnamese Food and International Food. What’s interesting at breakfast here on the outdoor part, you can see the mountain scenery with cool air while enjoying breakfast.

Cá Chuồn Cồ

Cá Chuồn Cồ location is near My Khe Beach, perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a seafood meal. while enjoying views of the South China Sea.

Tourist Location Close to Danang Premier Village

For the closest tourist location, you can visit the following tourist attractions:

  • My Khe Beach (1km)
  • Marble Mountains (5.5km)
  • Museum of Cham Sculpture (5.0km)
  • Asia Park – Sun World Da-Nang Wonders (5.7km)


Overall the facilities provided by Danang Premier Village are very complete, a staycation that is perfect for families. I feel the comfort of a vacation with a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with the facilities of the Grand View Villa room in my opinion perfect. The staff on duty are very friendly and nimble, they are always friendly greeting the guests. I recommend for families or couples who want to staycation with a quiet and calm atmosphere, can choose Premier Village Danang Resort to be the best vacation in the Danang region of Vietnam.

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