The Best of Maldives Luxury Resort

The Best of Maldives Luxury Resort

It cannot be denied if the Maldives is a place that has extraordinary appeal for world tourists. Many luxury resorts offer complete facilities and stunning views like in heaven. Beautiful greenish-blue turquoise beaches surround each side of the resort. The beach breeze is ready to greet you in the morning when you open your eyes from your deep sleep.

The Maldives itself is in the Indian Ocean, about 700 km southwest of Sri Lanka. The Maldives consists of approximately 1192 small islands. The Maldives is indeed very suitable to be a honeymoon place for newly married couples. It is incomplete if going to the Maldives, but not stay at various luxury resorts. There are several luxury resorts in the Maldives that are most famous, including:

1. Fairmont Maldives

This hotel located in Shaviyani Atoll. Fairmont Maldives has the beauty of white sandy beaches combined with turquoise water making anyone who is there feel calm and peaceful. Fairmont Maldives has a unique interior and built above the beach. If you want to stay at Fairmont Luxury Resort Maldives, book the room through the website:

2. Joali Maldives

The Joali Maldives Resort is the most expensive and well-known luxury resort in the Maldives. This resort located in Joali, Muravandhoo Island Raa Atoll. At the Joali Maldives resort, you can enjoy the sunset at Aura Bar and can eat a luxurious dinner at Saoke Japanese Restaurant. If you want to stay at this luxury resort, you have to prepare a budget of around 1,950 US Dollars.

3. Coco Budu Hith

The resort located on North Malé Atoll, Bodu Hithi Island. To see the beauty of this Coco Budu Hithi resort, you need to take a speedboat from Male Island for about 40 minutes. Rates offered if you want to stay at Coco Budu Hithi starting from 956 US Dollars.

4. W Maldives

This resort is quite luxurious because, in one resort, tourists can get private pool facilities. However, visitors need to travel 25 minutes if you want to go to this resort. This resort located on Fesdu Island, Himandhoo, Maldives. For the price issue, tourists must spend quite deep, starting from 1,152 US Dollars per night.

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