Day: February 15, 2020

3 Bangkok Travel Destinations Suitable for Family Holidays

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. This country has become one of the favorite holiday destinations for tourists. If you and your family plan a vacation to Thailand, it’s recommended to choose a comfortable hotel to stay with family, such as Solitaire Bangkok. Instead of draining the budget to book several rooms, you can book the Family Connecting Room Bangkok in this hotel. This room offers a spacious room equipped with four bedrooms and various facilities.

Thailand is also known to have many exciting tourist attractions. Not only attractive to adults, but there are too many attractions for families and children. The attractions in Bangkok is different and will not be found in any country. See the example below:

1. Dream World

The first tourist attraction is Dream World. This huge amusement park has four zones, namely: Dream World Plaza, Fantasy Land, Dream Garden, and Adventure Land. Interestingly, in …

5 ways to make meetings more productive and efficient

Companies often hold meetings. However, sometimes meetings are not so productive and only consume energy and time that should be allocated to other more urgent work. The duration of the meeting is also varied, some are only one hour, and some are all day.

Here are 5 ways to make office meetings more productive and run optimally.

Determine the topic to be discussed

it would be best if you determined what to address during the activity. Give a specific title when you invite meeting participants, so the meeting participants can also prepare themselves with the material to be discussed. Determining the object to be addressed also helps you limit questions and discussion so that it won’t expand to another unrelated topic.

Change the new atmosphere

Meeting in an office is sometimes a boring routine. For large meetings like the middle or end of the year, you can choose locations outside …

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