Avignon Guide And Attractions

Avignon Guide And Attractions

Avignon is a pop city situated in the France in the south side of the French commune. There are several attractions in the city and every year many new tourists visits Avignon. There are many other things to do and see including sports events, fair and markets, festivals and carnivals, shows, concerts and many others.

St Peters church

This church was built in 8th century and devastated by Saracens. It is completely made in the end of 15th century. It is very beautiful church in the city and devoted to the saint peter.

Calvet museum

This museum is founded in the 18th century built by jean Baptist franque and adjoined by another house of modern arts. You will find great collection of contemporary art, fine arts, sculptures and paintings from the 15th to 19th century in the museum.

Chapel of the black penitents

Chapel of the black penitents is dedicated to the catholic worship from the 1983. It is also most amazing place to visit in the Avignon. If are traveling to Avignon then try to give some time for chapel of the black penitents.

Jean Vilar’s House

It was founded in 1979 and preserved for the works of the Avignon festivals. It is basically used for the theatre purpose and for performing arts. It also hosts exhibitions, events, encounters, discoveries and many more.

Avignon by Eurostar

There are several ways but Eurostar is best way of traveling from London to Avignon. Eurostar runs every Saturday direct from the London to Avignon connecting Paris and other destinations of the France. If you are traveling to Avignon except Saturday then, you can take Eurostar up to Paris and after Paris TGV and other rail networks are there to take you to your destination. Get your Eurostar Tickets now for latest Eurostar Offers and other Eurostar Deals. If you want to know more about Eurostar trips then just open  on your broswer.

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