How to use massloking?

What is maslooking and what is it for?

To avoid confusion, let us define the terms.  Masslooking is a mass viewing of Stories in Instagram cloud.  To start massluxing, you need to connect a third-party service, which will view Stories on behalf of the account of the specified audience.

Why is it necessary? 

For comparison, let’s take massfolowing.  Massaging gives us subscriptions.  The person in the ribbon sees your subscription and can subscribe right there in reply.  Or go to your profile and subscribe there.  That is, the easiest thing a person can do is subscribe.

In massaging, a person must go into his story.  

One.  Click on viewings.  

Two.  See your account (it has hundreds, if not thousands of accounts).  

Three.  Click on your profile.  Click on your profile. 

Four.  Subscribe or go to the site.  

Five. The more actions, the harder it is …


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