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Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 English version. This Multimedia Photography is free software for Windows Windows Mobile Symbian developed by Adobe.

Adobe Flash Lite equips your Windows Mobile device with a player for Flash movies and animation in both frame and window mode.

Whatever you think about Flash, there's no doubt that it's a very rich and immersive way of enjoying Web content. Via a familiar file explorer, Adobe Flash Lite can access SWF data in both the internal memory and in external cards.All of the common player functions such as Play, Stop, Pause, and Rewind are available from a menu at the side of the screen. Adobe Flash Lite provides you with ability to watch Flash movies without any additional software on your Pocket PC.My only criticism would be that the poor user interface could have been given a little more attention in order to make it a little more user-friendly.

If you're still having problems accessing Flash content on your Windows Mobile device, you could try installing Adobe Flash Player instead. Adobe Flash Lite is an essential download for your Pocket PC if you want to enjoy all the riches of Flash online.

This standalone version of the Flash Lite 2. 1 player for Windows Mobile 5. 0 devices is free and allows developers to test their Flash Lite applications and content before actual handsets start shipping with Flash Lite 2.

1 pre-installed. This version is also available to end users who want to play back Flash Lite content and applications on Windows Mobile 5. 0 devices.

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Anonymous 20 November, 2007

my opinion. icant download it and i think it will be good Pros: ware Cons: erser