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Aurora 8.1 English version. This is buy software for Windows Mac developed by Metaquark.

Aurora is a nice little alarm clock for Mac with seamless iTunes support.

Easy to control thanks to a clear interface, Aurora lets you set up multiple alarms and easily configure your wake up time and specific dates for it to ring. It includes a snooze feature for those difficult Monday mornings and lets you set how long the alarm will ring. You can also easily decide which alarm to trigger on which day of the week.

Aurora includes iTunes support, so you can choose from a specific playlist or track to launch in the morning instead of one of the default alarms. We also liked how it can wake up your Mac at a special time of day or slowly put it to sleep, perfect if you want it to slowly turn off your Mac after watching a movie or DVD. Users will also like having remote support, so that you don't have to get up to turn it off.

Because Aurora used to be freeware, old users might be a little disappointed to learn that it now is shareware with the demo limited to 14 days. This is why 22$ might be a little difficult to sacrifice for some users.

Despite the price, Aurora is an excellent alarm clock for Mac with seamless iTunes support and loads of alarm and sleeper functions. Recommended.

Fixed an incompatibility with Lion.


Fixed an incompatibility with Lion.

Aurora turns your Mac with iTunes into a handy alarm. For any given time and date (be it recurring or non-recurring), Aurora will wake your Mac from sleep and start playing your favorite iTunes playlist.

To set an alarm, all you need to do is to specify the following:

Wakeup time & dateiTunes playlistVolume

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People Says About Aurora

Anonymous 28 March, 2011

Doesn't work with EyeTV.. I bought Aurora to load EyeTV in the mornings. It has worked all of about 3 times. Sometimes it claims not to find the channels (but as soon as you quit the program EyeTV loads fine). Sometimes it just fails to open EyeTV. The unreliability of the application makes it utterly useless as an alarm! P.S. Running Snow Leopard (up-to-date) as well as most up-to-date versions of EyeTV and Aurora. 'Alway open Live TV window at Startup' checked in EyeTV preferences.

Anonymous 4 November, 2009

Great program. I tried every alarm clock software I could find for mac and Aurora was hands down the best. It is very easy to setup and works flawlessly every time. I like the "skip next occurrence" option in the context menu when I get up before the alarm has gone off. The options and configuration is very intuitive, these guys did a great job. Search for Hip-Hop rooster mp3 and you've got a winning combination in my opinion! Pros: Works flawlessly, easy to configure, and very versatile. All the controls and options are very intuitive, no need for lengthy help files. Cons: It's not free!