Big City Adventures - San Francisco

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Big City Adventures - San Francisco English version. This Games Educational is buy software for Windows developed by Jollybear.

Big City Adventure: San Francisco is a game developed by Jollybear that is perfect for people who have sharp eyes. In this game, you are going to complete levels by searching for items that are carefully hidden in the background. 

Search and explore

The game will let you enjoy beautiful scenes and visit famous landmarks in San Francisco as you play the game. At the start of each level, you will be given a list of things that you will need to search for. It may sound easy but you can actually spend hours before you are able to clear everything on your list. There are a lot of other objects present in a scene and they are meant to really distract you from finding what you need. The things you need to find are cleverly concealed among the other details. Some even blend perfectly into the background. For example, candies can pose as earrings and it will be really hard to spot them unless you look closely. I actually had my face glued to the screen several times! It is really satisfying to finally be able to find what you are looking for. 

You can also play in two game modes: timed or relaxed. If you are looking for a challenge, I would suggest you have your game timed. In this mode, you will need to be able to clear your list before your time runs out, but if you hate time pressure then you can just go for the relaxed mode. What is important is for you to be able to enjoy the game so go for what makes you feel more comfortable when playing. 

Searching for hidden objects is not the only task you will have to accomplish in this game. There are also other mini-games you will get to play like memory games and jigsaw puzzles. They are also equally challenging as well. Big City Adventure: San Francisco will not only enhance your skills at recognizing items. It will also boost your memory.

Amazing details 

Each scene is an absolute mess with the number of objects thrown into the mix to distract you, but all of them do not fall short when it comes to details. Every object is carefully made as realistic as possible. Being so thorough in the design is one of the reasons why objects are very hard to spot in the game. The effects also make the gameplay interesting. There are background sounds of people talking and leaves rustling when the wind blows. You can also see some of the objects move, reacting to changes in the environment . 

Learn along the way

Visiting popular landmarks comes with a free history lesson. Whenever you land in a new place, the game will give you quick facts about it through postcards. The facts are short but very easy to understand. It also makes them easy to remember despite being a quick read. The game proves to be a very effective educational tool for players of all ages. 

  • Big City Adventures - San Francisco
  • Big City Adventures - San Francisco
  • Big City Adventures - San Francisco
  • Big City Adventures - San Francisco

People Says About Big City Adventures - San Francisco

Anonymous 7 May, 2016

Unless you read french, don't bother.. why is it french??????? the install stuff is anyway.... this s***because apparently, the only place to play these is for 6.99 a month and the program that company used hated my computer and then refused to let me stop being a "valued member".

Anonymous 7 April, 2016

excite n enjoying game. happy game n exciting to find the hidden objects.make more easy to download system.welcome game which make up refreshing mind.

Anonymous 5 February, 2015

funi like the fact that you have to find things it keep your mind open. Its a lots of fund i play this game about two years ago it was very interesting ,ad you learn differnt things you have naver seen before, i enjoy this game very much, iam very glad i found this game