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Bonjour 1.0.6 English version. This Development & IT Networking is free software for Windows developed by Apple.

The Bonjour program was created by Apple as a zero-configuration networking tool. It allows its users to discover devices services and computers on an IP network without a high degree of pre-configuration. The networking protocol was created by Apple and they also added an IE plugin and a printer wizard. The two features are able to discover their counterparts without you having to configure your DNS servers or IP addresses.

A Highly Convenient Networking Tool

Bonjour was released in 2002 as a tool to help people connect PCs to an existing network. It allows users to automatically locate other computers or devices on a network without having to do any configuration beforehand. In addition if you do not have a network up and running already then the tool will help you set up a new one. It is better used by people at home who wish to connect multiple Windows computers because there are better (albeit paid) programs for connecting business computers in an office.

Ideal For Network Professionals Working From Home

The Bonjour program is old and it is out of date but it can still be used to create a network. You may use the tool for free create a firewall exception and create a network where connected devices are discovered by the software. The program will work on Windows XP or later. It is tough but not impossible to add Apple Macs onto the network.

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