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Bubbles 1.2e English version. This Browsers Add-ons & Tools is free software for Windows iPhone developed by .

Many of the software tools we use nowadays are online applications that can only be accessed via a web browser, but now you have another option: Bubbles.

This program can transform your favorite online apps in something more similar to desktop software tools, by providing you with an interface that sits unobtrusively on the system tray and can be opened any time you want – without a web browser. Each online application has its own icon and will open its own private window, usually faster than a standard web browser - and lighter on system resources as well.

The good think about Bubbles is that you can add virtually any online service you use to the program's list. On the downside, if you click on any link while browsing any of the Bubbles windows, it'll open in your default browser instead of just another Bubbles window.

With Bubbles you can launch and access your favorite web apps right from the Windows desktop, without having to open the web browser. However, the program still needs improvement

Bubbles enables you to use web-based software applications from a Windows desktop tool. See what this program features for you:

Keep your favorite web-sites a click away, on the system-tray. Enjoy new features in existing web-sites with Smart-Bubbles. Enhance your browsing experience with notifications, drag & drop and shortcut-menus — see how easy it works! Avoid the clutter of the browser, focus on your web-sites.

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