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CamToPlan PRO 1.2.1 English version. This Utilities & Tools is buy software for iPhone developed by Tasmanic Editions.

Cam to Plan is a software package which enables users to instantly calculate the internal dimensions of nearly any room

Primary Applications and Functions

Cam to Plan is a bespoke application which enables users to instantaneously calculate the internal area of a specific environment. It can be a great tool for architects, interior designers and anyone who requires accurate measurements in the blink of an eye. The developers claim that the margin of error is less than one per cent during normal conditions, so accuracy should not present an issue. Advanced algorithms signify that objects such as furniture will not need to be removed before the measurement process begins. Unlike some other mobile apps, the user can move around while the program is operating.

Additional technical Features

Cam to Plan has recently been updated in order to accommodate for a more streamlined workflow as well as to detect specific anomalies which may impact the accuracy of measurements. All technical images are easy to interpret and the internal area is clearly displayed to the right of the image itself

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People Says About CamToPlan PRO

Jing Li 3 October, 2018

CamToPlan PRO is a very convenient and handy app especially for professionals who are working in the field of architecture, interior design etc. This is also a useful app to have if you are creating or renovating your house. It will help you to easily visualize the land space in your house.