Change Folder Icons

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Change Folder Icons 8.5 English version. This Personalization is buy software for Windows developed by Nesoft.

Do you get bred with standard Windows icons? They are not exactly inspiring and some are downright boring.

Breathe new life into Windows folders by changing the standard Windows icon with one that you'd prefer or think would make a more appropriate picture for the folder. All you need to do is simply selecting the folder whose icon you want to change, click the right button and select the "Change Icon Folder" link in the menu. There are hundreds of variations to choose from and if they're not enough, you can always create your own with your own pictures and designs. You can search for icons in all kinds of files (EXE, DLL, LIB, etc.) from the program itself and export the one you like most to ICO format.

An excellent way to freshen-up Windows and give folders a personal touch.

Change Folder Icons is a tool to find thousands icons on your computer and replace standard folder icons with them.

In essence, you can change an icon of the folder simply and quickly by pressing the right mouse button on it and selecting pop-up menu item "Change Folder Icon". Simple to use, effective, and it brightens up your desktop.

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