Digital Camera Enhancer

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Digital Camera Enhancer 1.3 English version. This Multimedia Photography is free software for Windows developed by MediaChance.

Having a digital camera is fun –you can shoot pictures almost endlessly and see how they look right after taking them. The problem comes when you have a great photo that needs some small improvements to be just perfect.

Digital Camera Enhance is what you need. This simple tool improves your digital photos in a semi-automatic mode by balancing their color, contrast and other values and also applying some skin smoothing and noise reduction filters. The good thing about Digital Camera Enhance is that you can manually adjust sliders to polish the final image.

On the downside, I didn't like a few points about the interface. First, the photo is reloaded every time you change a slide, when it would be easier to adjust a few sliders and then apply those changes to the picture. Also, it only offers two ways to view images: either at a 1:1 scale or fit to window mode. Finally, with the photo opened at full size, it would be more comfortable to move around it in both the original and the enhanced image preview windows.

Despite these minor flaws, results are good and Digital Camera Enhance is a great solution for digital camera owners who don't want to use a complicated application like Photoshop for just a few light changes.

Digital Camera Enhance is a perfect tool to automatically optimize photos that need small improvements without having to use a big, bloated editor.

Free Digital Camera Enhancer does the hard job of noise reducing and automatic balance control for you. And it is free!

The program works best if you have bad light condition (indoor, shadows etc..) and your image is somehow off. So if some of your images are already fine, you won't see much difference. DCE makes very delicate changes.

One thing makes DCEnhancer different from other tools - reducing the noise and skin smoothing algorithm. It makes DCE ideal for making cool portraits and close-ups!

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  • Digital Camera Enhancer
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People Says About Digital Camera Enhancer

Anonymous 15 July, 2016

Very simple to use, has a small footprint, great results.. I downloaded an early version of this years ago. It is so simple to use, and gets great results on most photos. It's got a very small footprint and anyone can use it - just fiddle until you get something you like. Pros: It's simplicity - just fiddle till you get something you like. Cons: Why add to it? The whole point is that its so light and easy to use.

Anonymous 20 November, 2014

I think it is ok. I think that it is good its pretty nice but it could use some more touches. Pros: Pretty fast Cons: not good camra