Digital Photo Frame

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Digital Photo Frame 6.1.2 English version. This Multimedia Photography is free software for Android developed by Jeroen Wyseur.

Thanks to modern technology, users have the ability to record high-definition images within less than a second. Digital Photo Frame is a great application which will stylishly display these images.

Main Functions and Features

The main purpose of Digital Photo Frame is to provide users with the ability to create a series of slideshows. Although the images themselves can be retrieved from local storage, it is also possible to upload them from websites such as Facebook and Dropbox. All images will be displayed on the screen and the user can then drop and drag each file to move it into the correct position. Please note that the free version of this software contains advertisements. A paid subscription will remove these ads.

Additional Tools and Options

Digital Photo Frame provides users with a variety of other options when creating a presentation. Some of these include the potential to use transitions between different images, basic editing tools and viewing a photo in full-screen mode. There are several other features that can be unlocked once the user upgrades to the full version.

Turn your android device in a digital photo viewer showing a slideshow of local, network or UPnP files.

A photo display application like a digital photo frame showing a nice slideshow of all photos from the selected source. Key features: * Choose a local folder, a samba/windows network share (anonymous and authenticated access supported) or use a UPNP server to display the photos from. * For local folders, thumbnails are shown during folder selection. * Select how they should be laid out on the screen * Digital Photo Frame will randomly display the photos in the folder and arrange them on the screen according to your selected layout. * The orientation of the photos is fixed if the EXIF tag is present. * Open an image from another application and use that folder as photo source. * Keeps a list of recently opened files.

* Layouts - Full screen - Four photos in the four corners - Randomly laid out over the screen. - Four regions of different sizes (1 half, 1 quarter and 2 one eight of the screen) - Flying in from left to right (premium feature) - Flying in from top or down (premium feature) * Transitions: - Dissolve or fade in/out - Slide left or right - Ken Burns effect (premium) - Grey to color transition (premium) - Page turn (premium) - Blinds (premium)

In contract to other slideshow apps, this app focuses on showing the pictures instead of creating the pictures. Also network and UPnP sources are supported next to local files.

Use a tablet instead of a dedicated digital photo frame. People who want to showcase their photos from a network or UPnP server.

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