Dungeon Rushers

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Dungeon Rushers 2016 English version. This Games Action is buy software for Windows Android iPhone developed by Goblinz Studio.

Dungeon Rushers is a cheaply made indie game that looks and feels like something you may have played on a PC in the 1990s. The reason it has been popular for a while is that there are plenty of features underneath the cheaply generated graphics and aesthetics. It is an indie game, which means the developers didn?t have very much money with which to make the game.

Build skills, craft, humor and creative design

To say that the Dungeon Rushers developers have done a lot with a little is apt. Their game looks cheap, but they have added a reasonably impressive skills tree considering the fact they are an indie company. There are advanced team management techniques, you may craft things, and there are plenty of weapons to play with. Each function the game has is somehow integrated into the core gameplay. For example, include your scout skill to see further, pick up an axe to beat through heavy armor, and complete dungeons for bonus items that make other dungeons easier to complete. Some may not like the turn-based combat function, but they have had turn-based RPGs for years in the form of Final Fantasy, and fans of the fastest selling game on earth cannot be wrong.

Good core gameplay features for hardcore RPG lovers

Hardcore RPG lovers are best suited for this game. Dungeon Rushers may have too little visual appear and not enough action to satisfy people who are simply RPG enthusiasts. Overall, it is a good game, it is just not suited for people who are not passionate about RPG gaming.

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