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engare 1.0 English version. This Educational is buy software for Mac Windows developed by Mahdi Bahrami.

Engare is an art based game that also allows players to embrace their inner artist. The game is based on the beauty of Islamic geometric art and allows players to delve into this art form in a whole new way while also solving a series of unique puzzles in a very hands on way.

Getting into the Art Groove

The concept of Engare is pretty simply. Gamers are presented with a geometric shape on the screen that they need to trace exactly in order to pass the level. However, this is often much more difficult than it sounds as many of the patterns are extremely intricate. This helps to give gamers a whole new appreciation for Islamic art and there are also opportunities to get to work creating whole new designs that can then be saved and saved so that they can be displayed with pride if desired.

Discovering the Perfect Pattern

People who have a love for art and puzzles are sure to be in their elements when they take the time to put Engare through its paces. Although it is possible to complete the entire game in just a couple of hours, the good balance between puzzle solving and art creation is sure to appeal to a wide range of different players and this is a good game for those who don’t want too much of a challenge.

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