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FastPaste 2.62 English version. This Utilities & Tools is buy software for Windows developed by Dextronet.

FastPaste is a utility for pasting commonly-used text phrases, formatted text or even images into the applications. You just press hotkey or click an icon, and any text you define before will be automatically pasted.

You can, for example, bind your email address on Control+E, and every time you press Control+E, FastPaste will automatically type your email address. So it's handy for anything that you are writing commonly, like your IP address, name and so.

However, FastPaste can also paste RTF snippets, which can contain colors and various fonts (eg. document header) and images (eg. logos). FastPaste can paste text by typing it key by key, too.

Text can be very long, so it's also handy for special purposes and programmers (often used functions etc). It's also handy when you are emailing with a lot of people (support desk, informations of some bigger company, etc). You can make blocks of texts, like "Greetings sir", "Best Regards", and always build-up the email from these blocks.

What's inside:

Paste any (even very long) text using hotkey or button Import/export text files, RTF files, images Paste formatted text (RTF), using various fonts and colors Paste images (modern PNG format is supported) Apply various image effects to your images Format clipboard - Upper/Lower/Proper case, Remove Diacritics, Reverse text, etc. Copy current time or date quickly from systray at any time Instantly clear clipboard Configure almost anything Use global and internal hotkeys and great systray menu Global paste menu with all your clips Minimize to System Tray, run at Windows startup Export hotkey overview to HTML

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