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Focuster 1.0 English version. This Business & Productivity Agenda & Calendars is free software for Web Apps developed by Focuster.

Focuster is a software tool aimed to help users schedule and organize their daily goals to increase their focus and productivity. Designed to help eliminate distractions that add up to a lot of wasted time each day, Focuster prioritizes the tasks and goals that really matter. With detailed calendars and smart reminders, users stay up-to-date on the things that need to be checked off their list. Ultimately, it allows users to work less while getting more done by automatically setting aside time to complete important tasks.

Priorities first

If you’re working with billable hours, wasted time can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. When a goal cannot be visualized, distraction and procrastination become much easier. Thankfully, Focuster helps regain focus and allows you accomplish goals in the order they need completing. With the Instant Calendar Rescheduling, your priorities are automatically updated. Smart reminders then keep you in check as you work your way through your tasks, making sure you never lose sight of the end game. By setting realistic goals each day, it can help you achieve more each day and it’s all viewable in the Activity Bar. Never overload your schedule again and hit every target you set.

Easy and effective

Like its effectiveness as a productivity tool, Focuster’s UI is clutter-free and straight to the point. Its clean look means distraction is at a minimum. Together with daily reminders and updates, it’s a combination that will surely help you get things done.

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