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FotoSketcher 3.3 English version. This Multimedia Photography is free software for Windows developed by Fotosketcher.

FotoSketcher is probably the fastest and easiest way to transform your pictures into beautiful sketches – even if you’re artistically challenged.

FotoSketcher helps you add some spice to your photos without much fuss. The program includes dozens of drawing styles to apply, which are easily customizable by using sliders to configure color, contrast, stroke intensity and other parameters.

All you need to do is open the image you want to convert into a sketch and select the drawing effect you want to apply. The preview window, though a bit too small, lets you check the result before clicking the "Draw!" button. FotoSketcher will then apply the effect and display the final image beside the original one, so that you can compare both. The program also lets you add a frame to your image.

FotoSketcher also includes basic editing tools to modify the source image, supports skins to customize the program’s interface, and can work in batches with several photos at the same time.

FotoSketcher is the perfect tool for those who want to apply a nice sketch effect to their pictures but don’t dare use use Photoshop.

This free program can help you create images that really look like they have been hand drawn by the best artists. If you want to turn a portrait, the photograph of your house or even the picture of your pet into a black & white or colour pencil sketch, then look no further, FotoSketcher will do the job in a few seconds (provided you have a reasonably fast computer.

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People Says About FotoSketcher

Anonymous 4 May, 2011

FotoSketcher is great (and safe). A reviewer apparently got a virus and points to FotoSketcher. I am always wary when downloading new software, so I ran a thorough scan before installing FotoSketcher (I use and recommend the free service Well it turns out FotoSketcher is 100% clean, as mentioned by Softonic. If you download software from reputable sources you shouldn't have any problems. As for FotoSketcher itself, it's a great little app to make paintings out of your photos. I can't believe it's free! Pros: Very simple yet powerful. Some results were incredible. It's totally free! Cons: Does not run on Macs.

Anonymous 8 March, 2011

FotoSketcher has a Virus. Since I installed FotoSketcher, I am observing a suspicious activity in my computer, a table in the browser opens by itself and I observed over a period of month that some folders and files were deleted from my computer and this software has also made changed to system restore folder or settings. I think, one should be very careful before installing it, I wonder why Softonic guarantees that it is virus free.

Anonymous 27 September, 2010

Good photo sketch converter. If you don't want to pay for Photoshop, then this is a good quick utility for making your photo look like a hand sketch. Pros: Simple, easy to use Cons: Simple, not much documentation.

Anonymous 9 November, 2007

FotoSketcher 1.2 available. Hi, Fotosketcher 1.2 is avalable for download at : This new version now has colour control (plus a few improvements). Depending on the photo you use with FotoSketcher, the results can be very nice! Pros: Simple, fast, good results, does what it claims. Cons: No preview, only one style of sketching.