Google Input Tools for Windows

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Google Input Tools for Windows English version. This Utilities & Tools Keyboards is free software for Windows developed by Google.

There can be instances when you are required to enter text in a different language. As opposed to using a standard word processor, Google Input Tools provides an intuitive and streamlined interface.

Basic Online Functions

Google Input Tools is essentially a virtual word processor which offers basic functions such as a language menu and the ability to enter special characters when required. While there are no advanced features such as a spell checker or a means to add images, the fact of the matter is that this platform currently supports dozens of different languages. Once a language is chosen, the letters will correspond with specific keys on your keyboard. One of the main advantages of this platform is that it is free to use.

Quick and Streamlined

No download is necessary in order to use Google Input Tools, so there are few concerns in regards to memory requirements. Please note that there are also versions available for the Chrome extension as well as for mobile devices (through the use of a downloadable application).

  • Google Input Tools for Windows
  • Google Input Tools for Windows
  • Google Input Tools for Windows
  • Google Input Tools for Windows
  • Google Input Tools for Windows

People Says About Google Input Tools for Windows

iqtidar khan 5 October, 2018

yes,its helpful to typing in english and hindi both so i recommed

हर्षवर्धन गोडघाटे 5 October, 2018

this is very good for typing iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am always used this

vikas sharma 5 September, 2018

nice software very very usefull softwere english to hindi

Vishal Sisodiya 3 September, 2018

I could not work from it on my MS OFFICE. when I use it before I can use it on my ms office offline

Bhagirath Sadhu 3 September, 2018


Sooraj Papnai 28 August, 2018

cant install saying this no update is available whats the problem