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imo free video calls and chat 9.8.000000010161 English version. This Social & Communication Chat & Instant Messaging is free software for Android Windows iPhone Web Apps developed by Imo.

Imo for PC is a free chat & instant messaging application which allows users to participate in video calls while sending and receiving text messages. As this program is completely free to download, it can be a welcome alternative. There is no limit in regards to the number of calls that can be made over this service. Imo is also available for Android and for iPhone. 

Main Functions and Usability

One of the main advantages of Imo for PC is that it is extremely easy to work with. A centralized control panel alongside clear icons can be used by individuals of any age who may not have experience with more complex platforms. All major connections are supported. These include 2G, 3G, and 4G along with standard wireless services. Not only can this provide a greater degree of flexibility, but more robust bandwidths will ensure that there is little (if any) lag time associated with data transmission rates.

Other Unique Qualities

Imo for PC uses a very complex system of firewalls and encryption algorithms. Thus, it is an extremely secure system which can be used by businesses and individuals alike. It is also possible to choose from hundreds of different stickers to add a personal touch to any photos that will be sent to friends or family.

Imo is a popular online instant messaging tool that enables you to sign on to the main IM networks and chat with your buddies right from your web browser.

But if even in the Web 2. 0 era you still prefer good old desktop apps, you may use the desktop Imo as well. This special version is just an adaptation from the original online Imo to a standard Windows application.

To be honest, Imo is quite limited compared to other popular IM clients. It's got quite a plain interface, no support for emoticons and no customizing options for fonts, colors and other settings that we find in similar applications.

But I have to admit that it does its job just fine: It's an interesting alternative to the better-known IM networks (WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype). From one single interface, you can talk to any of your friends. 

If you need to talk to people on more than one IM network, Imo does the trick, but bear in mind that it offers no extended functionality such as emoticons, colors and other goodies.

Imo is the desktop client of the online instant messaging service you can use at imo. im. You can chat with your buddies on on AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo, use your webcam for video conferences and receive IM alerts when minimized.

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  • imo free video calls and chat
  • imo free video calls and chat
  • imo free video calls and chat

People Says About imo free video calls and chat

Khairulhasan Mahiem 29 August, 2018

excelent awesome i think imo isthe better app for online chating calling etc

Dan Mills 27 August, 2018

Because it is the first messaging app to work in low-bandwidth areas. I can have a video conversation with people that I previously had trouble with audio only!

Depan Gajmer 19 July, 2018

Its very easy to use with clear audio and video. i recommend it for all.

Sumit Shah 12 July, 2018

not so bad. its too easy to talk and videos chat better then other apps

Leila Almasi 5 July, 2018

This app perfectly works with my iphone and android! I super love that this app is very easy-to-use and helps me maintain my network. Though, I kinda don't like that any contact can invite anyone without the prior knowledge of the group. Hope they could work it out! Nonetheless, all is well for this app!!

Amit Kummar 5 July, 2018

It is unbelievable how this app can work with two devices. I love that Imo helps me to keep in touch with my family, relatives, and friends. I also love that I can do everything with this one app. I can call, text, video chat, send emoji stickers to make the conversations more fun. Definitely worthy to download!