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IntelliGolf OTA Edition 9.25 English version. This Lifestyle Sports is buy software for Java Symbian Pocket PC BlackBerry developed by Intelligolf.

Golf is a good walk ruined, Mark Twain said, I think. Well now there's no excuse, because IntelliGolf has absolutely every excuse covered.

It calculates all your strokes, tells you the yardage to the hole using GPS-tracking, allows you to store notes for every shot, set up handicaps, keep tabs on the scores of all your rivals, and evaluates each player's performance with a graph.

It's a really comprehensive piece of kit that lets you set up and store yardage, pars and handicaps for new golf courses as well as download signature courses complete with all stats and GPS co-ordinates.

In fact the only problem is that perhaps it's too accurate. I always like to cheat a little.

Birdie golf is the perfect partner for the keen golfer. View distances and track shots from tee-to-green with GPS accuracy. Automate golf scoring and wagering. Evaluate performance statistics and graphs for an unlimited number of rounds, players and courses. Approximate your handicap and keep caddie-style notes.

IntelliGolf features:

Scoring;Shot tracking;Satellite GPS;Sidegame wagers (35+);Statistics and graphs (250+);Signature courses (23,000+), andSharing of information between handhelds.

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