Key Manager

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Key Manager 1.11 English version. This Utilities & Tools Keyboards is buy software for Windows developed by ATNSOFT.

Key and mouse button remapper

Key Manager allows you to:

- Remap keys, mouse buttons, combinations, sequences, long presses (press and hold).

- Show your actions in the form of pop-up menus.

- Record, edit, and execute macros (key sequences).

- Emulate mouse clicks and position and shift the mouse cursor relative to the entire screen, active window, and previous position with the option of returning the cursor to the initial position once the action is performed.

- Type and paste text (including formatted text).

- Instantly fill in forms on websites.

- Launch programs, open files.

- Open websites (you can insert currently selected text into their address parameters).

- Change the layout and case of selected text.

- Manage the power settings of your monitor and computer.

- Control the volume or set it at a certain level.

- Move, resize, minimize windows.

- And much more.

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