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KidsMouse 3.1 English version. This Games Educational is buy software for Windows Mac developed by WhiteRoom-Web.

You might have forgotten how hard it was to learn to use a mouse at first but it can be quite daunting the first time, especially for kids.

KidsMouse is a simple collection of educational software designed to help kids learn how to get started with their mouse.

It includes several different learning games including ABC Puzzle, space recognition, painting, memory tests and number puzzles. Games work by simply dragging-and-dropping items so that children can learn the basics while having fun playing against parents, siblings, or friends.

The good thing about KidsMouse is the variety of challenges available. There's little chance that your kids will get bored too quickly. It's also quite clever in that through tasks such as spelling and learning to count, its also quite educational.

The sound effects are fun, there's lots of speech during the games although the graphics are a bit basic. One annoying thing was that KidsMouse opens immediately in full screen mode and there's no obvious way to quit meaning you have to be able to access the taskbar to shut it down.

If you want to give your kids a helping-hand with the mouse as well as teach them a thing or two, KidsMouse is a simple and effective application.

Update of game "Block"


Update of game "Block"

This software consists of eight kinds of learning games such as "ABC Puzzle", "The space recognition", "Paint", "Memory", "Number", "Color Ball", "Easy Puzzle", "Crayon","Seesaw","Number Puzzle","Shape Puzzle".

Aimed primarily at small children, all games work by clicking and using drag & drop with your mouse. They will allow your kids to develop their coordination and association skills.