Madden NFL 11

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Madden NFL 11 1.0.6 English version. This Games Sports is buy software for iPhone developed by Electronic Arts.

Madden NFL 11 is the latest version of the classic football sim series for iPhone. The game combines stunning graphics with realistic gameplay to deliver an enthralling football experience.

From the glossy game menu screens with awesome soundtracks, to the smooth in-game visuals and thorough commentary, Madden NFL 11 is the best looking game of the popular series to-date. It even eclipses Gameloft's excellent NFL 2011 in this respect.

There are four game modes in Madden NFL 11, including exhibition, season mode, playoffs and multiplayer over Bluetooth. The game features all the official NFL rosters, which can be updated during the course of the season.

Season mode in Madden NFL 11 allows you to trade players but this lacks intelligence and realism, and it's too easy to get a whole bunch of superstars to join your team.

Gameplay features

In terms of the gameplay, Madden NFL 11 adds a couple of new features to the already absorbing, in-depth on-field controls. You still control individual players with an on-screen analog stick, and the action buttons are situated on the right. Likewise, the wonderful simple flick to kick system is still employed.

Total Defensive Control is perhaps the most interesting of the new gameplay features in Madden NFL 11. This lets you pause the game while a play is taking place and assign commands to individual players on your defense, such as blitzing, charging or blocking selected guys on the opposing team.

Offensive play

Unfortunately, this useful feature is only reserved for defensive play in Madden NFL 11 and you get no such precision controls when attacking. However, you are able to draw out 'hot routes' to modify plays, which can be saved to use as audibles at a later point.

Calling plays is easy thanks to Madden NFL 11's GameFlow system. This allows you to cycle through available plays in a very simple way. Madden purists may be put off with the rather basic nature of this system when compared with the original GameFlow.

Madden NFL 11 is the best looking iPhone football game in history - and it's great fun to play too.

Now iOS 4.2 compatible


Now iOS 4.2 compatible