Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

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Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 English version. This Utilities & Tools is free software for Pocket PC Windows Mobile developed by Microsoft.
Microsoft .NET Compact Framework is a collection of runtime libraries which allow you to run .NET Compact 3.5 applications and services on your Windows Mobile device.

It isn't the most rock'n'roll package to install on your Pocket PC or Smartphone, but Microsoft .NET Compact Framework will unlock your device's capabilities to run the more interesting and demanding programs and games on the market.

While not exactly a mandatory install for Windows Mobile device owners, Microsoft .NET Compact Framework is strongly recommended for all users looking to get the most out of their device by trying out the full range of software available.

Recommended download for all Windows Mobile device owners.

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People Says About Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

Anonymous 4 November, 2013

Works well but requires some patience.. OK on my Axim X50 with the Windows Mobile 5 upgrade. Made installation of the Freda e-book reader possible. Pros: Made e-book program work.

Anonymous 24 September, 2011

Install Problem?. You need to run the NETCFSetup35 file on your main computer while activesync'd to your portable. Yes it took me a while to figure that out.

Anonymous 29 March, 2011

Does not work on Omnia II.... On my Omnia II i8000, WM 6,5, when i try to install they show "There is no application associated with "NETCFSetupv35." Run the application first, then open this fule from within the application." I don't know what I need to do...???

Anonymous 11 December, 2010

Does not work on WM2003!!. I downloaded this and tried to install it on my Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003. On the device it displayed a window saying the .Net framework is not compatible with the version of windows i am using. It will no work on WM2003, so dont bother. Cons: not work with WM2003 even though it says it does

Anonymous 18 November, 2010

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Anonymous 23 November, 2009

How to install?. I really don't know how to install this app on my windows mobile phone. I tried to search all over the internet and only I found were some unofficial methods. It would be nice, to just add few instructions. thanks