Moral Stories Two Ants - Kids

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Moral Stories Two Ants - Kids 1.4 English version. This Education & Reference Books is free software for Android developed by Recharge Digital Content Pvt Ltd Indore.

It is very nice application.

“What goes around, comes around. It is said in the holy book GEETA “What you sow, you will reap”. Two ants will notify the same story. Where red ant had to pay off his bad deeds and on the other side, green ant enjoys his good attitude. So justify your actions and words before they turn out to be curse for you.”

Bedtime stories are the best way through which you can form a strong bond with your children while teaching them morals and manners through these stories. Most children love stories during bedtime.

Our application focuses on building a strong bond between parents and children by providing wonderful stories, making children.

“Being nice is nice but being over nice might turn out to be Dangerous for you. Story of a nice heart monkey and a greedy crocodile. "

God resides only in pure hearts. And a true knowledge is a form a God. Gaining knowledge with unfair means is not acceptable. Firstly, become capable of receiving knowledge, Pari will narrate a story where a monkey will teach a lesson to a filthy minded rich man, who believes he can obtain anything with his riches.

Each book comes rich with vibrant pictures, engaging narration and funny voice over. The app comes with all the cool features of the Recharge Digital like Read to me which when enabled reads books to kids.