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Netflix 9.002 English version. This Multimedia Streaming videos is free software for Windows Android iPhone Windows Phone developed by Netflix.

Netflix is a video streaming application that allows you access to the service's huge library of movies and TV shows. It comes with a customized menu per region and country that makes it an attractive streaming tool worldwide. 

The best and most varied offer of in house shows

Netflix has one of the most user friendly applications for streaming movies and shows using your Windows OS . From the home screen, you are given 3 of your most recently viewed videos and your Instant Queue. Swipe to the left and you'll see suggested videos, popular on Netflix, and video content broken down by genre. It's a great PC alternative to other Android options like HBO and Jio TV. 

Everything works smoothly and video looks great. Controls are large and easy to navigate, especially with touch, though the application works just fine with a mouse and keyboard. The entire interface doesn't deviate too far from Netflix's web site and other applications. Movies and TV shows are aligned in a grid with big thumbnail's of the movie or show art.

Netflix will save your spot when you pause or close the application and you can pick up watching from any other Netflix supported device. This is great if you want to transition from watching on your tablet to watching on the big screen.

Multi viewing made easy

Netflix also supports Windows 8's multitasking. You can pin the Netflix app on either side of the screen to continue watching video in a small screen while using another application. Alternatively, you can have Netflix as the main app and pin another app next to it to multitask with Netflix in a bigger window. The entire Netflix app is usable even in this multitasking mode.

Overall, Netflix brings a great movie and TV viewing experience to Windows 8 and 10.

In this update, we added features and fixed bugs.


In this update, we added features and fixed bugs.
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People Says About Netflix

Le Sharira 3 March, 2017

When it comes to an Alternative to Netflix for my Mac.. Netflix is a popular tool mainly used for adding metadata on Mac. How to add metadata for users running a Mac system? Most of the softwares similar to Netflix are based on Mac OS. i have spent months of Sundays to find an Netflix alternative for my mac.

Anonymous 19 February, 2017

The main holding in Marbury is that the Supreme Court has the power to decl. My Comcast cable is so expensive so I was thinking about just having internet (cancelling my cable) and subscribing to Netflix. Pros: what do you like best Cons: soccer game

Anonymous 30 November, 2015

Great. Not sure why people are giving Netflix so many bad reviews. As a video streaming service, it delivers exactly what is promised.

Anonymous 18 September, 2013

Videos missing.. You cant see all the videos with this app or you can but this app wont show you all the netflix content, you have to search if you want to watch something that this app has hidden for some reason.

Anonymous 15 September, 2013

I hate you Netflix and Microsoft. Horrible, the "app" just creates and extra step in the process, doesn't allow for multitasking and just doesn't seem to work as well as using the browser version. It was working fine before, why change it?

Anonymous 10 July, 2013

This app forces me to consider canceling my Netflix membership.. Absolute crap. Can't watch online anymore, forced to use this poorly-designed, buggy app. The quality is worse, it lags all the time, and I can't have it open as a window while I'm doing other things. Ill-considered move on the part of both Microsoft and Netflix.