Nokia Suite

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Nokia Suite (Nokia Ovi Suite) English version. This Utilities & Tools is free software for Windows developed by Nokia.

If you've got a Nokia phone and a computer, then you really can't afford to be without the Nokia Suite.

What can Nokia Suite do?

This collection of tools, formerly known as Nokia Ovi Suite, allows you to sync your phone with your Windows PC in order to get more from your device.

Nokia Suite is much more than just a file transfer solution, and it adds a number of genuinely useful functions for improving your mobile experience. You can synchronize your phone and PC calendars, install apps onto your phone, back up mail, images and contacts, download maps, and more. Everything can be done either via Bluetooth or USB cable.

Simple to hook up

Nokia Ovi Suite is very simple to set up thanks to a helpful, step-by-step wizard that guides you through the process of hooking your phone up. The main menu consists of a series of bright, bold icons offering a gateway to some cool features. The functions you'll probably use most are the backup and restore and file transfer tools, which run quickly and without fuss.

A must-have utility

Providing your device is compatible with the software, Nokia Ovi Suite is an essential tool for managing and backing up your phone.

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People Says About Nokia Suite

Anonymous 22 July, 2016

Don't bother buy an android phone. This is utter rubbish. Very slow to install and near useless once installed. In three hours it has transferred 11 kilobytes of address book and has failed to transfer even one SMS. Cons: It does not work It takes hours to find that it does not work

Anonymous 21 June, 2016

scheduled sms. Nokia suite is great, but it would be a lot better if it had the facility to scheduled sms

Anonymous 31 December, 2013

doesnt work with lumia. its all rubish.. when u r using a lumia.... hvng a lumia n its not detecting the phone...

Anonymous 10 September, 2012

Nokia Ovi Suite review. I like to download Nokia Ovi Suite as I think it will be helpful foe me to work at my home