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OblyTile 0.9.1 English version. This Utilities & Tools is free software for Windows developed by Argony-OT.

OblyTile is a Windows 8 app that allows you to turn any program, folder, or web link into a Windows 8 tile. This great utility will let you fully customize the look and feel of your start menu. Not only can OblyTile alter what a tile looks like but also how it functions upon execution. OblyTile will be handy for anyone who wants to change their Windows 8 start.

Upon opening OblyTile you will need to select the program, folder or URL you wish to turn into a tile. You may either type it in manually or open a window to browse your computer. While the title name defaults to the same as the program, you can change rename it or add launch arguments. Next you can add in tile images, change background color, and adjust text appearance. All of these options include a preview pane where you can see how your customization looks.

With OblyTile you can also change how a tile operates when clicked. Tile settings include check boxes to run as admin, back to start, single instance, or hide program. You can also choose to generate tiles for all of your PC’s users.

OblyTile also includes a manger tab that will let you find programs easily under three different circumstances. First you can choose to create tiles from shortcuts; you will have the option to delete the old shortcut upon completion. The second option is a quick list that finds programs already on the start menu. Last you can import and export tiles that you have previously saved. Occasionally you may have to refresh and rebuild the cache to find all of the applicable programs.

Also within this manger tab you can use OblyTile in reverse and turn Windows Apps tiles into shortcuts on your desktop and taskbar. If you are ever unhappy with the tiles or shortcuts made with OblyTile the app will keep a list of your creations for quick deletion.

OblyTile is great for fully customizing your Windows 8 start tiles with your own personal content.

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People Says About OblyTile

Anonymous 6 August, 2015

Oblytile iis Brilliant!!!. Just upgraded to Windows 10, oblytile is a great app. Please update for windows 10.

Anonymous 30 July, 2015

Please! I need OblyTile for Windows 10!. Please! I need OblyTile for Windows 10! Pleeease))) Greate programm!

Anonymous 2 April, 2014

The best mod for windows 8 by far. OblyTile lets you fully customize the start page and make it look however you want it to look. You don't have to use the boring bad app looking icons. This program makes it all just look better and much more enjoyable to use windows metro. Cons: it only uses 2 out of 4 tile sizes.

Anonymous 8 September, 2013

Great program; I just wish that you could make the double wide tiles also.. I love this program. It is so simple to use and allows for truly unique start screens. I just wish that you could make the double wide tiles also. Pros: Easy to use Allows for creativity Cons: double wide tiles live/picture changing tiles

Anonymous 17 June, 2013

great. Great program.. Only needs "wide tiles" and random photo-change of the same tile Pros: many options ability to change or edit ecsisting tiles Cons: wide tiles random photo-change of the same tile