Ping Tester Standard

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Ping Tester Standard 8.18 English version. This Development & IT Networking is free software for Windows developed by Pingtester.

If you're having trouble with traffic across your network then one solution is to test the ICMP packets (Internet Control Message Protocol) that are carried across it.

Ping Tester Standard runs on local, high speed connections and can ping (that's send a test message) to one or a group of IP addresses. There's no need to mess around with GUIĀ“s either - Ping Tester Standard works from the DOS prompt although that's no real big deal because Windows can run it's own ping tests from the Command panel as well. Once analysed, you can generate reports to look more closely att he ping response times and identify any problems and easily export the test results to .txt or .csv or even an Excel file. The biggest plus of this program however is the fact that it can store several IP addresses for continual testing over a period of time to identify intermittent problems. You can perform multiple tests via one click "ping sweeps" and also test subnets or interval pings. Similarly, the IP Scanner is ideal for mass diagnostics because it can quickly scan a group of IPs for problems.

For network administrators or those trying to get to the bottom of a network communication problem, this is an excellent tool.

Ping Tester is a free utility with the core functions to test the ICMP connection of one or more networked computers.

Ping Tester uses ICMP packets (Internet Control Message Protocol) which allows the connection of a test station, a range of addresses, scanning of IP's and the ability to export the results to a TXT or CSV document.