Point Motivator

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Point Motivator 1.07.01 English version. This Lifestyle is free software for Windows developed by Donationcoder.

Making New Year's resolutions (or any sort of resolution) is easy. Just say it and the resolution is made. The hardest part comes when it's time to keep them along the year.

This is where Point Motivator can be helpful. This application keeps track of your personal resolutions and rewards you with points every time you accomplish one of your tasks. So you've decided to lose some weight? Add some related tasks (eat more fruit, avoid chocolate, use the stairs...) and check them on the program's schedule every time you accomplish any of them. Point Motivator will add the correspondent points to your personal score and you'll be able to "cash" these points into small prizes set by yourself: a nice meal, a small gift, a weekend trip... you decide!

Of course, Point Motivator relies on your honesty in order to be useful. There's no point in using it if you're marking tasks as done or giving yourself prizes without having accomplished your tasks in the first place. The schedule can be completely customized and adapted to your own resolutions, although the embedded editor is not that easy to use.

Point Motivator takes a while to be properly configured, but it helps a lot when trying to keep resolutions through a long period of time.

Point Motivator is an application to help motivate you to do the things you want to do.

Take a look at some of the program's features:

Focuses your attention on a tangible reinforcement "score" that provides immediate feedback about your actions Provides an intuitive visual display of your progress over time to provide positive reinforcement Lets you to configure tasks and their associated values, and share these configurations with others Lets you set up rewards you can "purchase" with your earned points, to provide additional motivation