PopKey + GIF keyboard

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PopKey + GIF keyboard 2.0.3 English version. This Utilities & Tools is free software for iPhone developed by WorkshopX Inc..

GIF fans rejoice, because PopKey is here to transform your keyboard into an animated image delivery system. With a selection of preinstalled images and the ability to add your own favorites from your library, this will have you spamming your friends in moments – providing you are using Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts.

Gimme a G

Once installed, the first thing PopKey has you do is active it in the Keyboard settings menu. It walks you through this process in-app, and is incredibly simple. Once done, the button on your keyboard that you use to switch between available languages, emojis, etc. will include PopKey in its rotation.

Recognizing you are on the GIF keyboard is simple thanks to its clean black interface. It defaults to pages of categories such as LOL, OMG, and other less MEME like options. Clicking on any of these opens up its library of GIF for your perusal, with any new ones indicated by a blue dot. Creating an account will also let you keep track of your favorite GIF and upload your own. There is also search function planned for future updates.

Selecting the image you want, you can then copy it from the app and paste it into your chat to be enjoyed by the recipient. True, this is one more stage in the process than is ideal, but its a good start.

Gimme an I

So far, so simple, but it’s far from perfect. Firstly, currently it only works with Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. That means that all of you Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, and other messaging people will just have to wait for an update if you hope to use PopKey on your app of choice.

The other element is that to make use of PopKey’s more personalized features you have to create an account or login with Facebook. This is not a huge struggle, and tying it to an account rather than your device does mean that your GIF will always be to hand on any device, but security fans may not want to sign in just for a keyboard.

Gimme a f

PopKey is a fine GIFf keyboard, but still early days. For Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts users who have a love of GIFs, it offers a quick and easy way to get them into their chats – for everyone else it still needs some work.