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Sage Varies with device English version. This Games Educational is free software for Windows developed by University of Washington.

Sage Math is a study tool for people who want to learn about math. It is an open-source program that is built on over 100 other open-source math programs. It is not a tool for people learning basic math, but intermediates and above will find this tool very useful and unique. It is under the GPL license, so you may legally download and use it.

Suited for both research and education

If you have ever needed a math tool online or on your computer, you may have come across online tools that help you with your math concept. This tool has tried to smash all of them together. You may use the tool to help you with most types of math problem. You may add and delete math inputs, and you may share what you have done over different social media networks. The video tour and tutorials are very good, even though they only scratch the surface of what Sage Math can do. However, once you have a feel for how it works, you will find it easier to start exploring and learning how to use the tool on your own.

Worth a try if you are mathematician

If you are learning math, teaching math, doing math research or doing math coursework, then Sage Math is perfect for you. It is especially good for students in High School doing higher-level math coursework, and college students doing their coursework and dissertations because it is a real time saver. It is a combination of over 100 different programs, which means it should be your first go-to tool for math work.