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Shimo Shimo 4 English version. This Networking is buy software for Mac developed by Feingeist Software GmbH.

Shimo is a felexible VPN client that supports most protocols including Cisco VPN connections.

Shimo started in 2006 as a replacement for the ugly and rather limited graphical user interface that came with Cisco's VPN client. However, since then, Cisco's VPN client is now supported naively in OS X 10.6 although it is still very limited in controls and preferences. Shimo however, gives you much more control.

Using Shimo is easy. Once installed, it may ask you for your system password so that you can update Shimo's drivers to support as many VPN protocols as possible. To setup a new connection, just click on Profiles and then the "+" symbol to add a new connection. You can choose to either import a profile or add the details manually yourself. In the case of Cisco connections, this usually requires the server address, username, password, group name and group name password or "shared secret".

There are many customizations and preferences beyond this although for most people, they won't need touching. However, I found myself trying to change some of them in order to make Shimo connect to a Cisco VPN. Using Snow Leopard, I could only ever get as far as "Securing" in the connection status dialog. Whether this is because my settings weren't quite right or whether its because Shimo simply doesn't support Cisco very well in Snow Leopard I'm not sure.

Note that in this free version, your connection times will be limited and you will be subject to a nag screen asking you to upgrade from time-to-time.

Overall, Shimo is a slick and highly flexible VPN client but you may have troubles getting it to work with Cisco VPN connections.

Fixed wrong permissions


Fixed wrong permissions

Shimo: VPN Client for Mac – for Everyone.

Shimo is the most versatile VPN client for OS X and it enables really everybody to master secure network. It supports more protocols than any other VPN application out there! CiscoVPN, AnyConnect, IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP/L2TP, Nortel and even SSH connections are no problem for Shimo.

Shimo is able to automate everything around your secure network connections: Establish connections automatically when you change your network location, execute AppleScripts on certain events or get notified about these events. This is just a very small excerpt of Shimo's capabilities. Feel free to download Shimo from our website and get a 30 days free trial before you have to buy a license!

Version 4.0:

Optimized for OS X El Capitan and Yosemite

Exporting and Deployment of Accounts and configurations

Statistics and Accounting

Two-Factor Authentication

Many Minor Bugfixes

Automated Connections

Streamlined User Experience

Even Better Customer Support

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People Says About Shimo

Anonymous 10 March, 2016

Worst money I've ever spent on software. During the trial period the software worked fine, I was happy with it and I spent the €49 to purchase it. It stopped working the very next day. That's fine. I understand sometimes software has issues. However, the support I received was absolutely disgusting. I entered a help ticket and after a short initial response from them there was dead silence despite multiple followups to the same support email address. I've never experienced such bad support on commercial software and it was even below what I usually get from open source developers. The worst part is that Shimo is the only OSX client compatible with my work VPN. After spending most of a trip trying to make Shimo work with no support from the developer, a deadline finally forced me to go to the store and spend $400 on an Asus. Pros: The logo's pretty nice Cons: The complete lack of customer support caused significant operational issues for my organization The complete lack of customer support forced me to waste an additional $400 on top of €49 for a completely useless piece of software