SkyFex Remote Desktop

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SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.4 English version. This Development & IT Remote control is free software for Windows developed by SkyFex.

Securely view and control remote computers from web browser

SkyFex Remote Desktop is a FREE online remote desktop service that allows watching and controlling remote computers in real time. It works transparently through firewalls, proxies and NAT. No special knowledge is required to use it. SkyFex is a secure service for remote support solutions and help desks. It works directly in web browsers (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer) and doesn't require additional software installation and configuration.

Unattended access, remote file transfer (both ways), remote reboot, remote system info, remote to local printing, etc.

It's free and easy to use. The person on the remote computer just opens our website and follows your simple instructions. You can easily install it to unattended PCs. We provide an MSI installer, so you can deploy SkyFex via Active Directory. SkyFex works directly through web browsers. It also works through firewalls, proxies and NAT. It's not just free to try - you can use it for free for unlimited time.

The program is for both experienced and novice users. You can use it to help your mom with a simple problem. Experienced administrators can remotely access their computers and help their users solve complex issues.


People Says About SkyFex Remote Desktop

Anonymous 17 April, 2012

(when a user is sitting there). Also, you can connect to your computer, when no one's there. Pros: free easy to use. Cons: Only supports firefox, chrome and ie