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TiddlyWiki Varies with device English version. This Games Educational is free software for Windows Mac developed by Unamesa.

TiddlyWiki can be seen as a useful alternative to general offline storage platforms such as Windows WordPad. All details are entered into a standard Wikipedia template, so retrieval is easy and the user can quickly access different pages with the mere click of a button. This is an open-source platform. There is no cost to download and install its contents.

Main Functions and Usability

TiddlyWiki is known as a non-linear notebook. In other words, information is stored in a simple semantic method which allows it to be accessed in a streamlined manner. The user can likewise choose where the data is placed, a feature not often present with many online storage systems. Its highly intuitive layout can be employed for a number of different purposes. Planning a wedding, analyzing sales figures or even storing chapters of a novel are a handful of examples. It is scalable and quite secure, both important metrics from a business point of view.

Additional Benefits

TiddlyWiki provides other tools such as an automatic save function, keyboard shortcuts, a safe mode and the ability to establish permanent links within a dedicated piece of text. This software package tends to be updated on a somewhat regular basis as new technologies emerge.

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