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Virtual WineCellar 4.6 English version. This Lifestyle Food & Drink is buy software for Windows developed by Rootsolutions.

Virtual WineCellar is a program that allows you to keep an accurate record of your cellar. It is suitable for both serious collectors and casual wine lovers, as the program allows you to enter as much information as you want, as well as allowing plenty of space for tasting notes, detailed ratings, and even information on your wine investments.

Unfortunately, Virtual WineCellar is uncomfortable to use and very old-fashioned. The interface is a multiple-window setup, and even though there are buttons to link between windows more easily, it's not the most user-friendly option. There are very few preference options or extras, and lots of the features mentioned on the website - such as digital label scanning - seem to be restricted in the trial version.

Virtual WineCellar doesn't make importing easy either. You can't import in the trial version, which means that you have no idea if the feature functions well, a major negative when you consider that adding your cellar is the central point of the program. If you have more than a few bottles, adding them to Virtual WineCellar in the trial version is going to be a major time-eater.

Virtual WineCellar allows for lots of detail about your wine, but is awkward to use and way behind the times.

Virtual WineCellar is an easy-to-use cellaring software for wine collectors. It keeps you informed about stock and history, shows the current value of your wine collection, keeps track of your suppliers, and gives you the option of ordering directly from within wine cellar. Apart from the standard data entry fields, it features several advanced functions, like user defined fields, a suppliers database with order-to-inventory processing, integration with Vinote barcoded neck tags, support for digitized bottle labels, and more.

Features of the program:

Intuitive, point and click interface Fields for wine name, country, appellation, grape, year, maturity, etc. Additional user customizable fields Summaries for number of bottles, total cost, market value, and appreciation Automatic reminders for wines that reached/passed maturity Easy order - order directly from within Virtual WineCellar Integration with Vinoté bar coded neck tags Extensive finding and sorting functions Displays your own rating both numerically and graphically Import function for scanned wine labels Optimized print form Report function for further editing in your favourite word processor Extensive, context-sensitive on-line help

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