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WeTransfer is an app that lets you send up-to 10GB of photos and videos to your friends via email. 

How does WeTransfer work?

The idea is that you select the image and video files that you want to send and enter the email address of who you want to send them to.

WeTransfer then sends the recipient a mail with a link to the address of where the files have been uploaded to. Then they click this link to download the images or video to their computer or smartphone.

It's a quicker alternative to uploading to a public folder on Dropbox or Google Drive and then sharing the link with someone, and obviously it's far more practical than sharing images individually or in small groups via email.

The app supports up-to 10GB per transfer, but if you subscribe to the WeTransfer Plus service, you get extra storage, as well as other benefits such as the ability to keep a record of the transfers you make. 

Sending files has never been so elegant

Transferring files with WeTransfer is made as easy as possible thanks to an ultra minimalistic user interface. Videos and images on your Camera Roll are displayed as thumbnails and you simply select the ones you want to send by tapping them. You can preview an image or start playing a video just by long-pressing the thumbnail. Images are grouped by month and you can scroll down through previous months by tapping the month name.

WeTransfer is probably the most beautiful way to send files to someone. Like the online version, the app uses gorgeous photos in its user interface, displaying them as wallpapers images while you're waiting for your files to be uploaded and transfered.

It's an attractive system, granted, but the app feels a bit too simplistic at times. It doesn't make it easy to select multiple images for sending, since you have to tap each one separately with your finger. It would've been nice to be able to use a hold and drag gesture to select multiple images.

Likewise, there are no Select/Deselect All options, nor the ability to select all images from a particular month.

Perfect for sending large files

If you want to send multiple files or large files to someone from your Android, WeTransfer is ideal. It's supports up to 10GB worth of photos and videos - and it looks gorgeous!  

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People Says About WeTransfer

Khalil Aklan 7 August, 2017

good. this program is very helpful and very strong for transfering all bige files and i want to have it for my work Pros: good much

Monkhtsogt Sosorjav 18 May, 2017

I love the wetransfer. quick and easy Better than dropbox and google drive also easysend Pros: send a large file Cons: nothing

Anonymous 12 April, 2017

This service is history.. I think the era of WeTransfer and YouSendit is over. Tonight I was trying to download 3 files 30MB to 80MB in size, and every time it fails. A download manager like DTA fails after a few megs. I would rather use Dropbox or Google Drive - these don't have time limits and you can control who has access. Pros: Nada Cons: Slo-o-ow downloads Timeouts No download manager, so if you fail you have to restart

Anonymous 23 November, 2016

I want to use for smoothly.. how to use this app. I think it will be better than another file transfer application.

Anonymous 26 July, 2016

Every individual working on computers must be aware of this app.. Very useful app. especially if one need to transfer large files and does not have the adequate amenities.

Anonymous 7 July, 2016

It is very easy to transfer large file. this software is very comfortable in transfer of large file size. Pros: yes