COMO AFINAR LA GUITARRA A OIDO 10.0.0 English version. With this application you will learn to tune your guitar without the aid of tuners, guiding your own ear, very useful to speed up your perception of the notes, I hope they give good use Good Day.

Android Guitar Tools Learn Guitar Tune Up

Music School: Bass Guitar Lessons

Music School: Bass Guitar Lessons 1 English version. Learn how to play bass guitar with this brand-new Bass Guitar app. Stop waiting for inspiration - create your own track!

Java Bass Guitar Guitar App Guitar Lessons

120 Bass Guitar Chords

120 Bass Guitar Chords 2 English version. Play the bass guitar chords right away - no experience required! The app contains all necessary chords to be able to play all your favorite songs! Take advantage of clear, easy-to-use interface and learn the basic and advanced chord charts.

Android Bass Chords Bass Guitar Chord Charts