Super Shadow Ninja Jump

Super Shadow Ninja Jump 1.0 English version. Enter the fantasy world of Shadow Ninja. Jump to the top and become the master!!

Android Ninja Jump A NET A NET

Ninja Box: Jump Chump

Ninja Box: Jump Chump 1 English version. Two ninja in a string, now jump and chump two ninja.

Android Ninja Jump

20 Seconds Jump

20 Seconds Jump device-dependant English version. 20 Seconds Jump Day by day, our handsome turtle ninja perfectly passes over many challenges of different wonderlands from water area to rocky mountain.

Android Jump Over Ninja Jump

Ninja Turtle Double Jump

Ninja Turtle Double Jump device-dependant English version. Ninja Turtle Double Jump Our turtle ninja has had an amazing adventure throughout bamboo poles.

Android Bamboo Ninja Jump

Ninja Salto Techo!

Ninja Salto Techo! 1 English version. You will love this fun Ninja Roof Jump Endless Run game! What is the Ninja doing out late at night you might ask? Rooftop jumping of course! Our clumsy ninja loves to eat Japanese sushi.

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