Salaat Timings Alarm

Salaat Timings Alarm 3.4 English version. Salaat or Namaz Timings app will help you maintain your Salat Timings all over world accurately.

Android Salat Travel Alarm

Step By Step Salat

Step By Step Salat 1.3 English version. Step By Step Salat an application to provides you complete information about salat along with proper Image Views.

Android Salat A NET

Never Miss Salah

Never Miss Salah 1.2 English version. Never Miss Prayer is a Salat reminder app with a touch of fun! This app is essential for those who find it hard to wake up for fajr prayer from sleep or keep delaying their Salat because they are busy with some chore.

Android Salat A NET

Islamic Tools

Islamic Tools 3.3 English version. Accurate Namaz or Salat timings,Qibla directions and Islamic calender for all locations in the world make this application.

Android Calender Salat A NET

Salat Alarm and Qibla Compass

Salat Alarm and Qibla Compass 3.3 English version. This app calculates Muslims prayer times and qibla direction using the phone's location. This app is one of the most accurat

Android Qibla Qibla Compass Qibla Direction